Art for a new culture based on

Soul & Heart values

A Community for Women Artists

with a high Connection to Water & Nature

Healing Art for the Planet

as2021 was a water Year in cosmic numerology wisdom as we hear already what is happening on the Planet more and more we will have to honor & respect the Water outside & inside us.  This is Selflove & Selfrespect.

This Community is intended to cocreate more harmony on earth by artistic Cocreations & Water ceremonies. And to spread healing frequencies.

Art from the Heart

An Art Medicine about creating performances as offerings for the earth, the water and the elements.

It is a way to be grateful for the Water, to remember her Magic. And that, She is flowing inside our bodies in rivers as we are part of this eternal cycle of life & memories. And to create mytho-poetic spaces which would then expand through Art & Beauty.


Be your Art as as Sacred Medicine

art médecine
essence feminine

The story about “les Muses de l’Ô”

As I met Gabriele Musebrink in december 2019, I felt a deep connection with her Art. Especially by a piece called Atmosphere 5 which reminds me to the Mists of Avalon. I offered Atmosphere 5 a place in my video Art poem “the Goddess of the Sea”. This was a first kind of artistic encounter between our Universe. We spoke during the beginnings of 2021 about this Art from ♥ as I was visiting again  Avalon in Glastonbury. So there is a very strong Avalonian feminine DNA in the project Sacred Water Muses (les Muses de l’Ô).
Since, with different artists, some rituals, offerings, performances for water to spread an Art of Nature. Nathalie Tuleff, Gunilla Larson, Stéphanie Gallina.
And les Muses de l’Ô ….🌹

Next Performances in 2022

Blue Roses Dance

14th February
14th March
4th April
2nd Mai

Water blue Roses Ceremony
La Colle sur Loup


Performance Sirens’ Ball – February 2022


Performance Dreamcatcher – August 2021
Les Bambous du Mandarin

Blue Roses Exploration – October 2021
Le Pont du Loup


Performance les Muses de l’Ô
Eglise Saint-Pierre le vieux, Strasbourg

Sacred Water Portal – September 2021
Les Bambous du Mandarin