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Let's dive into the Mermaid's ball

A story like an audiovisual painting by Anastasia d’Avalon

Water Performances & The Blue Rose Times

Healing art by Anastasia d’Avalon

My Approach

In my work as an artist and modern storyteller I create multi-sensorial and poetical spaces that resonate with nature, with water being the element that has particularly inspired my recent work. This approach brings to light the feminine principal, conveyed through the vibrations of Avalon, the sacred island of the feminine world.’

This dimension should be seen as something unique and eternel within everyone of us, man or woman.

“The feminine dimension evokes the ability to listen to one’s inner self, with its emotional world, intuitions, vulnerability and deep fundamental longing. It symbolises the ability to experience life’s cycles as a perpetual metamorphosis by moving in conscience from death to being born again.”

Audiovisual paintings
Ceramics and Blue rose garden
Small notebooks/booklets
Sound creations and podcast

healing art

Mermaid’s ball

I will take you on a narrated journey with my latest creation ‘ the Mermaids’ ball’ in an enchanted water-world. A journey that will take us beyond the mists on the banks of Avalon, guided by the mermaids, the messengers of the water.

This odyssey experience will reconnect us with the living, vibrational and sacred element of water.

“Les palais de cristal et cités lacustres
scintillent de joie à l’orée de tes pas.” 
extract from le Bal des sirènes

Sound Creations

Below you will find extracts of poetic sound creations produced in 2021 as ‘Avalon Invocation’, an ‘album’, inspired by the mysteries of Avalon, that endeavours to awaken the ancient wisdom of the Earth and the magic of the feminine world.

with Wild Anima – sound design

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“The mermaids’ ball, created by Anastasia is an atypical composition, a moment out of step with time, full of poetry, magic and tranquility. A soothing balm for Being. Heart-felt thanks.”

Aude – 30 July 2022,  Mouans-Sartoux

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