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The Sirens’ ball

Let’s dive in the Mermaid’s ball.

The Sirens’ Ball is a collection of audiovisual paintings, a poetical invitation to dive into the enchanted and mysterious world of the divine feminine nature.
With this work I wish to share a new vision of the Siren Mermaid archetype which has been in a way hijacked by our patriarchal society.
The meaning of the word Mermaid is literally the Servant of the Sea, actually the Maiden of Mary, as Mary is strongly associated with the colour blue, the Sea, the Sky and Divine Mother Nature.
The Mermaid is both a divine creature and a guardian and protector of the Ocean.
In fact, she is a very feminine figure connected to the deep Feminine, Aphrodite and the Goddess of the Sea. She is also connected to other realms and should be remembered, honoured, respected and loved as we should respect and honor water.

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Videos like an art of the Nature … to remember.

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