Blue Roses



The Blue Roses 

The Blue Roses & ceramics are a symbol for the spreading of the feminine essence & message of the wisdom of Heart.

A piece of Art from the Heart to honour the divine feminine rising & path.

The wounds inflicted on the Feminine are as deep as those inflicted on Mother Earth.
The Blue Roses emerge to show a path of self love & respect and a flourishing from the Heart.

They are Blue like the sky, the sea and the deep Feminine energy we can feel like a sweet veil around us in a silent sapphire night. They are a Feminine essence that can connect us to Sophia, the wisdom of the void.
They are linked to the Venus, the planet of Love, a sacred place where once upon a time arose sacred stories.

blue roses

A precious symbol and a gift for the Soul  

Their path is to come back to life as Love for oneself & the others. And a Re-flourishing from the Heart, as a rebirthing. How does this resonate with you?
This springs from the Mermaids’ or the Sirens’ Feminine vision. The Sirens’ Ball spreads the message of a great co-creation field that we can nourish for the rising of the Divine Feminine Heart & Voice.
If you wish to contribute to this sacred field, I will organize for you a special Blue Rose Water Ceremony with your own chosen Blue Rose in ceramics as a symbol for the/your Divine Feminine Resurrection.

By doing this, we co-create the Blue Rose fields & help them to flourish again. Let’s honour the waters, the mermaids & divine feminine to anchor magic on this sacred earth.🌹

Yes, I would like to adopt a Blue Rose to be offered in a Water Body with a prayer for the water and blessings for my intentions.
Bringing this Blue Rose to the water helps the water stream with respect, love and gratitude. May your abundance stream like loving, crystal clear water.

Love & blue Blessings,