About Anastasia d’Avalon


As a multi-sensorial Artist, I bring you on an enchanted journey in this Nature that live ever in us.»

As a multi-facets artist, I felt essential to prioritize Art, Creation & Nature in my life since 2012. Granted this path of inspiration, expiration & healing, I have been developing for several years a multi-sensory universe, connected to Nature and particularly to Water & the Feminine.

Death, rebirth, luminous chaos, memories, sacred feminine, vibration & original dream are the worlds of metamorphoses that speak to my soul.

The voice of the Feminine, the voice our inner Nature is calling just like the voice of Nature. Let’s listen to it and honor it so that it can be reborn and flourish again in the world. Through my Art, the Feminine principle finds a way of expression that participates in its Renaissance to contribute to the new paradigm in which feminine and masculine values ​​are in balance. I am inspired & connected to the sacred island of Avalon, a high place of the Feminine, which would be located in England, land heritage of the Celtic tradition. To remember our origins and this wisdom of the land that is awakening again.

Since 2021 Anastasia d’Avalon is an artistic project & name. It is also a sacred place Garden to rebirth with self love & feminine wisdom. A Dream we cocreate together as we walked the path of Courage, Heart, Justice, Inspiration & Truth 🌹

Multi-sensory Artist

Writer Poetess

Storyteller & mytho-poetry of Nature

Art coaching – New sacred Story

healing art

Exhibitions & Experiences

Le Bal des Sirènes 2021 / 2022

Installation artistique multi-sensorielle & conte spectacle.
Grasse, Vence, Saint Martin de Londres, Mouans-Sartoux, Nice

Le Féminin de l’Ô 2018 / 2019
Exposition céramiques, photos, poésies, art vidéo.
Collectif Nootoos, Saint Pierre le Vieux, Strasbourg

Métamorphose des Muses 2017
Exposition photos sur bois, poésies
Colloque du Grett, Paris

Terre messagère de l’intime 2016
Exposition céramiques et poésies
Conseil de l’Europe, Strasbourg


Les Muses de l’Ô
Pays de Grasse, Mouans-Sartoux, Saint Martin de Londres, 2022

Immersion ô Féminin
Eglise Saint Pierre le Vieux, Strasbourg mars 2019

Fest#6 les Alentours, Espace K, Strasbourg, mai 2018

“Le ciel et ses étoiles te jouent leur musique. Le soleil et la lune honorent ta beauté.

Les dieux célèbrent ta gloire. Les déesses t’offrent leurs chants.” 

L’Hymne à Hathor (extrait), Temple de Denderah,

Art Gallery
Ceramics & Blue Roses Garden